Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentine's gift

I enjoy shopping at Target a lot. I think it is one of my favorite stores of all time. Not just for certain items that I can find there, but I like it in general. I like the clothes, the food variety, the coffee, the electronics, accessories, books, magazines, etc.... Their variety in everything is amazing and you always have a great time at Target. 
Last week on my weekly visit to Target I was going through the $1 dollar aisle, and they have tons of interesting Valentines stuff. I was pleased to see the different hand and body lotions, all inspired by Valentines. 
They have three different smells, but I fell for the red one. It is called Vanilla Kiss. It has a very special Vanilla/Romantic scent. It is very moisturizing and the smell is to die for. My husband liked it a lot and every time I wear it I feel sexy and in love...

Isn't the packaging also to die for? It is pretty and girly. 
They also have a black and a pink one. So you have three different ones to pick from or maybe you can buy the three of them!

I recommend it 100% go to your nearest Target and spend just $1, you would not regret it, trust me! It would make a perfect Valentines gift for your friends too. 

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