Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Bowl

As all of you may already know, yesterday was the Super Bowl 46. My husband and I were completely excited about it. Living in the East Coast makes our love for the New England Patriots very justifiable. We were rooting for them 100%. We prepared different snacks and appetizers and were all set for the game. Sadly they lost and there was no Super Bowl win for us or our city. 

What did you do for the Super Bowl? Did you watch it?


  1. So pretty! We love your coat! And...we ate wings/drank beers! Woo wooo!

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    ox from NYC!


    1. Thanks for the coat compliment :)

  2. I'm sorry for your team's loss, as the Pat's are my second fave NFL team. However my absolute fave NFL team is the Giants, so I am still doing the dance of joy here! ;o)

    1. It is so awesome that your team won, they played really good!


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