Thursday, September 29, 2011

All about Toms

Fashion is so amazing, but there is also something very amazing about helping others. When I first heard about the TOMS campaign I was so excited. The idea of buying a pair of shoes and at the same time giving one pair to children in need is awesome. I think every brand should do the same thing or at least something similar. The shoes are of excellent quality, they are super comfortable and they go very well with every single outfit. I personally instantly fell in love with the red ones, maybe because red is my favorite color. I also got the black glittery ones and every time I put them on everyone starts asking where I bought them. I got both pairs at Nordstrom and they are very affordable at around $50 dollars per pair. 
They are one of the best pairs of shoes I have ever bought. I recommend them one hundred percent. 


  1. I really want a pair but I have super wide feet...will have to try them on next time I see them in a store.

  2. Alicia, yes definitely try them on, they are super comfortable!

  3. That's super sweet, great getting shoes but even better helping people x

  4. TOMs shoes are awesome :) not just by looks... you can also help.
    we dont know where to get them in Poland:(

    and you're so beautifuuul!
    + really cool blog :)

    xxx from

  5. ouuu great pictures ;D
    i like it !!

    if u want follow me and writte comment ;)*:


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