Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Hunger Games

I am a fan of the hunger games and as a true fan I was completely excited about the movie. The 3 books were amazing and i couldn't expect less of the movies. I think the cast was selected very well. Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson are really good actors in my opinion. Katniss and Peeta were excellently played and portrayed. Maybe I would have liked to see more special effects, but other than that, the movie was amazing. I went to the midnight show on Thursday night/Friday morning. I got to the cinema at 9 pm and waited 3 hours for the movie to begin. The wait was worth it, because the seats were just in the middle and I enjoyed the movie very much. Some things are worth the wait and The Hunger Games was undoubtedly one of them. 
Thumbs up and can't wait for Catching Fire to come out!

Sorry for the tired face, it was late at night!


  1. i'm glad you enjoyed the movie!
    my friends really want to see it, but i haven't read the books so i'm not to see if i want to see it
    the only reason why i would ever consider watching it is because of josh hutcherson because i love him haha :)

  2. really like your blog!
    keep posting and go for it!!



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