Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Seattle Day 1

For our yearly vacations, Mike and I decided to visit 2 different states and cities. Our first stop was Seattle. I have to say that for everyone that lives in Seattle how lucky you are. It is a beautiful city with very nice weather and people. Everyone is super friendly and just the vibe is incredible. We fell in love with this pretty city.

The first day we visited the famous Pike Place Market. I fell in love with the music and all the talented artists that were selling their beautiful creations throughout the market. Musicians and florists were all around the market. 

I also was thrilled to visit the first Starbucks. It was very crowded with tourists wanting to visit the famous coffee place.

We had drinks at The Hard Rock Cafe Rooftop, wine for me and beer for hubby.

Shirt: Ralph Lauren - Jeans: Zara - Handbag: Ralph Lauren -


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