Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Global Warming

Temperatures are really crazy in the East Coast. We have had really cold days, and then some mild ones. Everyone is really surprised about how it is December and temperatures are not as cold as past years. This situation is completely weird and I hope things get back to normal. The only good thing about this climate is that you can play more with your outfits, and do not have to be very covered. As much as a I like winter, I have never liked the idea of looking like a snowman. But, I can't wait for the first snow storm to be here.

How are temperatures where you live?

Infinity Scarf from: Forever 21

Sweatshirt from: Forever 21

Earrings from: Monet


  1. Cute shirt and earrings, love the smile. Fortunately, temperature here isn't quite cold lucky me. :D

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