Tuesday, October 11, 2011

All I miss...

One of the hardest things of having to live in the East Coast is the lack of good mexican food. I miss all the good restaurants that Texas has, and that sadly we do not have up here. Luckily a few days ago hubby and I found a descent mexican restaurant in town. They sell some very delicious carnitas tacos, that to be quite honest, Im already addicted to.

Do you like Mexican food? If yes what is your favorite dish?


  1. I went to college in an area with a ton of authentic Mexican food... but yes, authentic Mexican is delish... I love chicken or canitas tacos... but my absolute favorite are homemade tamales, yum!

  2. We had all types of locally family owned mexican places (not chain restaurants) and they were always tasty, large portions, and inexpensive! I'm in California so mexican food is very popular here.


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